Is the Greek goddess, which personifies the Earth itself. Ge meaning the Earth and Aia meaning Grandmother, or 'Mother Earth'.

    In modern times the name Gaia has been connected to environmental theories. The Gaia theory of James Lovelock, first published in 1969, proposes that all living organisms and inorganic material on the Earth are part of a living dynamic system, which maintains the Earth as a fit environment for life.

    This new long term series of work will attempt to understand the effect humans have had on our precious planet and what steps if any it will take to fight back and maintain balance.

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    Image 1. Population Explosion.

    Since the dawn of man the global population grew at a steady and organic rate. Before WWII the population was at 2 Billion but at current rates by 2050 we will number some 9 Billion souls. How will our planet support such growth?

    Hong Kong S.A.R.

    Image 2. Exploitation of Mineral Wealth.

    We carve out our mountains in search of riches that support nothing but greed.

    Papua, Indonesia

    Image 3. Paradise

    "When we destroy somebody's property we call it vandalism, but when we destroy
    the environment, we call it progress."

    Boracay Island, Philippines

    Image 4. Climate.

    In Asia the average yearly temperature increase is about to break through the 2 deg C threshold.
    Current models predict up to a 3.0m sea water rise by the end of the century if the Antarctic ice sheets begin to disintegrate.
    Future generations are looking at rises that almost certainly spell the end of communities living on or near sea level.

    Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

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